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Born Korinna Moon Bloodgood on 20 September 1975, Moon Bloodgood’s beauty resulted from the blending of the features gained from an American father of Dutch and Irish descent and a South Korean mother who endowed her with those tantalizing oriental eyes and facial characteristics.

"The Weir Inn, please, Ru." Only a few souls braved the icy breeze snaking through the cobblestone streets of Fulgor. "Valek isn't here." "She could be lying," one of the men said. No pulse." One of the younger men blanched and glanced over his shoulder. Valek would have enjoyed picking them off one by one. He wasn't too surprised to find her working at her desk. She opened her mouth, about to launch into an update on what had been happening in the city, but he silenced her with a sharp wave of his hand.The smell of burning coal, wood smoke, and manure laced the air. Having grown up in the steamy Illiais Jungle, far to the south, Leif disliked this bitter weather. "You can split up and search the house if you don't believe me," I suggested. Her normally tidy hair hung to her shoulders, as if she'd given up on keeping it pulled back. "I need to know if any of our Fulgor agents has reported seeing Leif Liana Zaltana in the last ten days," he said. Flipping through the pages, she scanned the entries. A few armchairs had been set up near the window to give the appearance of a home.He pulled his cloak tighter as they passed the jumble of businesses, factories, and houses that lined the road. And a fire always burned in the hearth in case important documents needed to be destroyed.Eric Balfour got his start in acting as a teenager, appearing on the children's variety show .His character was originally intended to appear only in the pilot.

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