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Second of all, why, WHY, would any of these morons take this story seriously?For starters, no one should take the word of anyone’s ex seriously, but supposing that we did, if she were so in love with this Chad, why would she bother being The Bachelorette?

As we go into the rose ceremony party, Boner and All-4-Wells and Rocky worry and worry and worry that they are not getting enough time with Jojo the Unicorn, while Cowboy Luke and G. Joe, who both have roses, keep interrupting her conversations with the roseless, and Aaron Rodger’s Younger Brother just cold takes her into the next room and shoves his tongue down her throat. Rose #1: Charlie Brown’s Teacher Rose #2: Fun Robby Rose #3: Yab Yum Rose #4: All-4-Wells Rose #5: Fireman Grant Rose #6: Toasted Rose #7: James Taylor Rose #8: Boner Which means we are saying goodbye to Rocky, that one big doofy dark-haired guy whose name and backstory you never learned, and Lucifer, who, on his way out has a moment of clarity, noting that his elimination must have had something to do with his personality, before declaring he couldn’t have been eliminated because of his looks or his body. Wait, Upon arrival, the men marvel at their hotel room with a “360° view of the ocean” which … And the first date card is delivered: “Aaron Rodger’s Younger Brother: Let’s seal the deal.

As the resident party girl on the series, we watched Audrina chase boys, including her on-again, off-again beau Justin Bobby. Since then, the reality starlet has done a total 180, complete with two darling kiddos!

Ali Fedotowsky debuted on the small screen in 2010 when she competed against 24 other women for "The Bachelor" star Jake Pavelka's heart.

This not only sets a good example for your son or daughter about the mechanics of a functional relationship, but the experience is certain to give you a strong sense of security about the relationship as a whole, which is especially important for single mothers. Are you well-known for your lack of commitment and follow-through, and worried no potential romantic interest will take you seriously? Just spend an inordinate amount of time talking about all of your recent therapy in the vaguest terms possible.

It might have been hard to picture it when these stars made their mark on television back in the day, but many of your favorite reality celebs are now proud moms!

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First of all, FIRST OF ALL, how did these men get a hold of this tabloid in Uruguay?

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