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You need root access to the server for updating AWStats manually.From Command Line To update Awstats for a user alone via command line, run the command below after logging to the server as ‘root’ user.Feel free to use it to force the webstats update: NOTE: As server updates Awstats once in 24 hours, the Update now option will disappear after some time. Contact our Helpdesk We welcome your comments, questions, corrections and additional information relating to this article. Please be aware that off-topic comments will be deleted.

AWStats is a free powerful graphical tool which generates advanced web, streaming, ftp or mail server statistics.

You can re-add it later per guidelines above if required. Use search to look for the following line: Allow To Update Stats From Browser=0update it to Allow To Update Stats From Browser=1and Save the changes: 4.

Now go back to Awstats, the Update now button should appear.

Gives you the opportunity to check tomorrow at this time and see if it is running.crond (pid 3326) is running...

I did get one error whilst trying to do what some one else suggested, i enabled the update awstats link, when clicked it said about access or combined logs, i had it set to access, so changed to combined, the erro what, then said about 0 logs curropt...

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