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Every Thursday ATK SCARY HAIRY presents free hairy photo galleries taken from our premium site, ATK Natural & Hairy.For over fifteen years, ATK Natural & Hairy Girls has brought hairy amateurs from across the globe.As a Ph D student in the 1960s, Vic received encouragement and support from pioneer floods geologist J Harlen Bretz and began building on the basic flood story that Bretz first established back in the 1920s.Bakers research with an emphasis on the physics, mechanics, and hydraulics of the floodwater has greatly improved our understanding of the timing, scale, and effects of the Ice Age flooding of eastern Washington.Cockatoos are recognisable by the showy crests and curved bills.Their plumage is generally less colourful than that of other parrots, being mainly white, grey, or black and often with coloured features in the crest, cheeks, or tail.

Initially turned on to the Ice Age Floods story when visiting Dry Falls and Sun Lakes State Park as a youth in the 1950s, Vic returned to Washingtons Channeled Scablands as a University of Colorado graduate student to study the floods formally.

On average, they are larger than other parrots; however, the cockatiel, the smallest cockatoo species, is a small bird.

The phylogenetic position of the cockatiel remains unresolved, other than that it is one of the earliest offshoots of the cockatoo lineage. The five large black-coloured cockatoos of the genus Calyptorhynchus form one branch.

Finally, he offers suggestions for future work in the Channeled Scablands and beyond.

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