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When you need a slave ask Arabs or Black men or women, you’ll always find one at disposal.

Ah Ah Ah, the EU is trying to meddle into French elections in order to dirsupt Marine Lepen ascension to the MOUNTAIN TOP. Sometimes for money and other times for incurable stupidity. Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Israel are partnering to destroy Palestinians and Syria. From Zidane to the EU Parliament, everything is on the table to crown the White Supremacy first (the burqini story and the new woman walking nake and prostitute) – this is first.

Though I have had chances to move down to the "good" seats, I can't bring myself to leave the madness of the cheap ones.

This is for all of you who - attendance problems or not - make going to a Jays game so much fun.

That cannot be because the Police Officer Exam is so academically difficult, because otherwise the less academically capable would also have failed, whereas many of these pass at the expense of people who are considered more educated and book smart.

There is an aspect of common sense and judgment factored into the test that makes the difference.

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Politically, Biafra is a member of the Green Party of the United States As a child, Eric Boucher developed an interest in international politics that was encouraged by his parents.

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