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These DIY darlings from Boston got their start as a ska punk band in 1995, but the years have seen them evolve and mature as musicians while remaining relevant the entire time.

Today, Big D is a band that's "Fluent in Stroll"--creating a sound all their own that fuses ska, reggae, rock and R&B.

Combining elements of ska music and hardcore punk rock, ska punk first became popular in the late 1970s and was started in the UK.

Featuring faster tempos, distorted guitars, spunky instrumentation and a cleaner sound than punk, ska punk first rose to prominence in the 2 Tone movement.

We stood about a shoulder width apart from each other in Tae-Kwon-Do class.These bands are closely associated with ska punk and with good reason.Even when new ska punk bands come along, these are the bands who have songs that audiences love to sing along with.I BMX.”I knew what that was— my brother was a skateboarder, after all. ” I asked.“Yeah some, but mostly I listen to ska.”“What is ska? According to my friend, it was “basically punk with trumpets," but that only partially explains third wave ska, and even that's not entirely accurate.To get a more worthwhile definition, we have to trek back in time.

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S., they also played a lot of music inspired by the sounds and harmonies of bubble gum girl groups and earlier California rock bands, such as the Beach Boys.

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