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We'll have the rest of the interview in full in due course.

director Alan Taylor is very interested in roping Linda Hamilton and Michael Biehn for the next installment.

"All of a sudden, I'm Rock Hudson's daughter." As a teenager, she won The Look of the Year modeling contest in Toronto and was given a minor role as a babysitter in Anderson's comedy Separate Vacations (1986).

After graduating from the Bishop Strachan School, she attended Mc Gill University, where she studied economics and political science.

I think he just liked me, but also he saw me as an alter-ego -- he'd cast me in roles I think he'd see himself doing if he could act.

He can do everything else on a set better than anyone else, but he can't act.

and spent four or five hours coming up with the close-up gun battle.

I was by craft services once and a younger actor came over to me and said, I've been watching you, you're so intense, what are you thinking about? The axe-wielding thing was funny, we shot that photo before the script was written. As a director, my style could be described as "raving lunatic".

Since the movie takes place before her character is born, it’s unclear how Linda Hamilton will figure into the storyline.

Writers Laeta Kalorgridis and Patrick Lussier are currently busy bringing the script to life.

Holden received her first film role when she was a young child.

While on the set visiting her stepfather, director Michael Anderson, a child actress hired to play Rock Hudson's daughter in The Martian Chronicles never arrived, so Laurie filled in.

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He also mentioned Linda Hamilton's name in the process, which led to the following conversation: Talking of Linda Hamilton, I interviewed her about this time last year and she'd obviously had to revisit Sarah Connor for was the last one they did? Okay, well, I was in a hotel room, so I didn't give it, really, probably a fair chance, because I didn't see it at the cinema, but first of all, I didn't see three. I watched about twenty-five minutes of it and everything was blowing up, there was all that CGI stuff, I didn't know who was who, Sam Worthington was walking around the desert and things were blowing up and people were running and the sound was so loud - explosions just everywhere.

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