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You can use the quick links below to jump to something specific if you know what you're looking for.You'll find a number of links at the bottom of the page which will take you to the mission walkthroughs for other areas.You can go out to a restaurant or bar, although the girls have their favorites.You can also go out on a dancing date, which involves doing the mini-game you did during the "Life's a Beach" mission.

This can be done by searching through your closet in the various safe houses scattered across the state.

hit square and hold on it until your speed is just about the same as the other pedestrian cars.

If she says slow down well, same thing, you hold on X until your driving about as fast as everyone else. DANCING(still not what your thinking about...) If your girl wants to go dancing its pretty simple, take her to the nearest club and DANCE HER SOCKS OFF!!!!

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For more information regarding the legal notes about this guide, please read Scroll through it and find the name of the crime boss you are currently working for.

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you can spawn it because thats the only way i know how.

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