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Mullets were stylish for a couple years and every sweater had a turtleneck under it. Suddenly every thrift store in town couldn’t keep a flannel shirt in stock to save their backs.Teens were digging through dad’s box of old clothes to get their hands on some authentic hole-ridden jeans to wear over top of their long john stockings.From the more male-oriented second disc, Maxwell's effortlessly classy "Ascencion," DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince's chillout anthem "Summertime," and Q-Tip's frantic "Breathe and Stop" provide the highlights. But as the first major urban compilation to focus solely on the decade that introduced Jay-Z, J-Lo, and Fugees to the world, Essential R&B: 90s Anthems is a representative and consistently strong collection of songs from an exciting and inventive genre.

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Both singers have clearly been in this mutually violent relationship for a while, and both sound entirely chipper about it: “He ain’t going to beat me no more,” Fitzgerald croons in an ersatz Jamaican accent, “So I tell you that I doesn’t care if I was to die in the ’lectric chair. ” Jordan, for his part, jocularly ends the song with “Hey, child, I’m coming back and bash you on yo head one more time.” Presumably the jazzy, bouncy music, the exotic accents, and the overall air of good humor contributed to this song becoming wildly popular during an era when household violence wasn’t spoken of publicly. Nickelback, “Never Again”The kickoff track of Nickelback’s 2001 album Silver Side Up—which gave the world “How You Remind Me”—is a pretty typical Nickelback song, all growling anger putting a manly face on soft, squishy emotions. The singer is filled with banal lyrics and impotent rage (“Kicking your ass would be a pleasure,” he thinks at Daddy Dearest), but like so many abuse victims in rock songs, mom eventually takes the situation and a weapon into her own hands and beats the kid to the punch, so to speak. Dixie Chicks, “Goodbye Earl”Leave it to three sweet-singing Texas girls to prove you can make a hit by finding the humor in domestic violence and subsequent revenge.

In this case, it’s a scared, miserable kid singing about his dad (“‘Father’ is a name you haven’t earned yet”) repeatedly getting drunk and beating his mom (“She’s just a woman… “Goodbye, Earl” follows the exploits of best friends Mary Anne and Wanda as they plot the death of Wanda’s abusive husband Earl, who, after Wanda files for divorce, “walked right through that restraining order / and put her in intensive care.” (Dixie Chicks lead singer Natalie Maines delivers the line “It didn’t take ’em long to decide that Earl had to die” with particular glee.) Once Earl is poisoned by black-eyed peas, wrapped in a tarp, and dumped in a lake to rot, the police swiftly abandon the case, since Earl is “a missing person who nobody missed at all.” Taking the black humor of the song one step further, the celebrity-laden video features Dennis Franz as the mulleted Earl, who posthumously reappears as a dancing corpse. Miranda Lambert, “Gunpowder & Lead”Miranda Lambert updates the country tradition of female revenge songs by throwing in a dash of braggadocio.

at this age on another television show, Söndagsöppet (Sundays).

Robyn was rediscovered by Swedish pop singer Meja in the early 1990s.

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