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Traditional matrimony in Saudi Arabia is just like any other marriage in Muslim country except the part, where lavishness is at its extreme.The first step towards the matrimony in Saudi Arabia is that man or his family asks the girl’s hand in marriage from her father or her family.There are many rumors circulating about this being done, however I have never yet met anyone who can confirm this ever happening.My personal opinion is that it would just take them far too long and be very ineffective unless they started to use IT experts to do their checks for them and quite frankly the Saudis are just too darn lazy to do it!

It is bounded on the east by the Arabian (Persian) Gulf; on the west by the Red Sea; to the south and southeast by Yemen, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar; and to the north and northeast by Jordan, Iraq, and Kuwait.

), also spelled Tabouk, is the capital city of the Tabuk Region in northwestern Saudi Arabia. It is close to the Jordan–Saudi Arabia border, and houses the largest air force base in Saudi Arabia.

Ptolemy mentioned a place by the name 'Tabawa', at the northwestern corner of Arabia.

After this, both the families start celebrating functions.

The families and guests of the bride and the groom wear colourful clothes.

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Tabuk became a centre of military activity during the Gulf War as the city faced threats from Iraqi scuds and air attacks.

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