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Or maybe you ditched the razor when Gwyneth Paltrow admitted on the Ellen Degeneres show that she “rocks a 70s vibe down there” but it is now official: 51 per cent of 1,870 women who answered an online pharmacy poll, carried out by UK Medix, do not “style or groom their pubic hair” with 45 per cent of us admitting that we can “no longer be bothered to keep up the grooming” and 62 per cent revealing that their partner “prefers the natural look”. Hoary old husbands weren’t down the pub debating how best to finesse their sex-lives before returning home to demand that the pubes must go. Or arguably they’re just happy to get jiggy with the object of their affections regardless.

Once ready, it will be available for up to 24 hours. Towards finishing with the production of the finale of the 6th season of one tree hill as you all know James and Sophia broke up which James cinfirm that he was single during his trip in Paris.Ladies, breaking news: it is time to step away from the molten wax and let our lady gardens grow free. Thanks to pornography and those swooping crotch-shots of female singers’ hair-free gusset regions, female pubes have withered and died; a whole generation of young men are grossed out by Mother Nature’s handiwork because it hasn’t appeared on porn stars since the early 1990s and girls as young as 12 are trying to rid themselves of their pubescent femininity at a time when they should be celebrating their womanliness.Perhaps you already suspected something was afoot from the re-emergence of the lesser-spotted foof in the gym changing rooms. Like so many fashion trends (false nails, hair extensions, fake tans), we can’t kid ourselves that the bald nunny arose out of a demand from our partners.Amanda, a New York City photographer, used to like getting Brazilian bikini waxes—or at least the ready-for-anything, single-girl-in-the-city feeling that came with them. Suddenly, my Brazilian was no longer this sexy, liberating thing, but a whole bunch of money—and pain—spent on making myself hookup-ready.Then one hookup a year ago left her feeling a bit "My first thought was: How many has he seen? I said, Sorry, I'm not feeling this,' got out of his bed, hailed a cab and went back to doing my own lady-scaping."Amanda's Prince Charmless was right about one thing: Over the last several years, wax jobs have gone from being a risqué novelty to a basic grooming procedure countless women undergo regularly.

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